Selecting 3D Printing Materials

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Selecting a material for your 3D printing needs is critical to your success in the 3D printing world. Each design you make will have different requirements that you will need to consider. What materials work best for strength, color, surface finish, or cost? This course is designed to help you choose the right materials based on your 3D printing needs. This course covers it all with common desktop 3D printer materials like filaments and resins reviewed as well as industrial materials like nylons and metal powders. Let’s learn about what is all needed for each material and ways you can optimize each workflow.

What you will learn:

Choosing 3D Printing Materials

Your 3D Printing Material Needs

Filament vs. Resin Printing

Metal, SLS, and Color Printing

Designing Parts for Different Materials

Manufacturing Tools and Materials

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Selecting 3D Printing Materials

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